Basis to find the best walking shoes for you.

  • FIT- the right fit is the most important aspect to buy shoe. If the shoes is too loose then you’ll probably find it very uncomfortable to walk on where as if it is too tight then shoe will definitely hurt your feet. It is ideal to try it on so because every brand has its own size and it may be very minor size difference across brand but it makes a huge difference in comfort.
  • comfort- comfort and looks in most of the time does not go hand in hand but we have selected the shoes in such a way that it doesn’t compromise in looks and comfort both.
  • Looks- finding walking shoes which are not that sporty look but is as comfortable as sports shoes is a blessing. Looks matter especially in 2020. We have selected the most trendy looking shoes for you to choose.
  • light weight – the shoes should ideally be lightweight because heavy the shoes more are the chances for you to get tired fast. so always try to find the lightest and it is recommended that you pick up the shoe before trying it on.

1)Athletic Walking Shoes

These slip-on shoes are best suited for people who are not willing to pay hefty in walking shoes but don’t want to compromise i=on the comfort. The looks of these are quite subtle and is ideal for morning walks.

2)Devotion Plus 3 Walking Shoe

The shoes are the if you are walking throughout the day. These shoes are available in many colours and it is quite fashionable. Ryka always tends to give their shoes some edge of comfort from other brands shoes. These shoes are comfortable and supportive while providing excellent cushioning and traction.

3)Gel-Quantum 180 4 Sneakers

Best overall shoes. Ascis is one if the leading brands of shoes in the states. These shoes offer everything from comfort to style. these shoes provides excellent support and they give an exceptional amount of control. These shoes are also very light weighted.

4)ATOM by kuru

These shoes are slip-on but for extra protection are given laces. Extremely convenient to wear the shoes are trendy looking and can give you extra safety and support as plastic is been added to the sole.

5)Kirra Backstrap Sandal by vionic

Vionic explicitly structures orthotic shoes, yet with such in vogue plans, you’d never know. These strolling shoes have a microfiber wrapped footbed for delicate solace and an elastic outsole for foothold. Why always go for shoes when you can get equally good comfort in sandals.

6)Stretchable Plantar Fasciitis Sneakers by ORTHOFEET

In the event that you have wide feet, shoe shopping can be a colossal agony. Orthofeet Stretchable sneakers shoes are offered in standard, wide, and extra wide widths with sizes from 6 to 12 (half sizes included!). these shoes gives the most comfort.

7)Tree Runners by allbirds

Ideal for travelling as allbirds brand gives you the freedom to wash the shoes in washer. Comfort and size are quite decent and the style is quite subtle which gives it a classy looking walking shoes.

8)Range AC+ Sneaker by merrelle.

They have   great cushioning, support, and traction. They feature a soft, stretchable upper with a rubber sole and toe cap, designed for traction and protection on rougher terrain.  great cushioning, support, and traction. They feature a soft, stretchable upper with a rubber sole and toe cap, designed for traction and protection on rougher terrain.

9) Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

The shoes are made up of breathable material. An all in one package. Main features are durability, lightweight, flexible traction. These shoes are available in many colours. The fabric used is imported and is very light. A must buy for women who takes there fitness seriously.